Angele is an independent Canadian musician, singer-songwriter/composer, guitarist, keyboardist and performer originating from Verner, Ontario, Canada. She became a devoted singer at the age of 5 and songwriter/ guitar player at age 14.

Angele released her debut single, Bitter Sweet in 2014, off her debut EP 'EPOCH'. Followed by EP, 'Starlite', which officially released in 2016.

In 2018, Angele released two singles, 'Lady Queen' (produced by Myer Clarity) and 'LOVN' (produced by Angele and mixed by Myer Clarity). Angele continues to develop her skills, producing music and videos. She directs her creative energy and skills towards getting "the job done" as an independent artist, using the DIY method (yet always working in teams!), while grinding daily to pay bills. Work / life balance never stops her from continuing to work on projects "behind the scenes" !

Angele is known for her captivating live performance and haunting voice. Her voice transitions from folk/pop roots into operatic tones. When she taps into her inner world, authentically at shows, she can leave audiences speechless. Her voice and performance can be quite powerful!

Angele taps into various inspirations.... she's inspired by her past memories and present experiences and she draws it into her world of music. With a variety of eclectic songs, it's clear there's a certain zest to her soul. Angele limits herself to no specific genre or artist but draws inspiration from many artists, avenues and experiences.

Her current releases consists of genres such as indie pop, folk, rock with subgenres such as dream pop and indietronica. You could even say a little bit of hip hop ... but you be the judge! 

Along with her music, Angele also taps into the world of creative arts using mediums such as acrylic paint, watercolor and pencils.