The Earl of Witchurch is a quaint pub in Stouffville, Ontario. It set out to break a World record and came out on top winning two! I feel blessed to have been a part of such a cool event! 400+ talented acts took the stage. Following these rules; only 30 seconds between each song, 5 minute change overs between bands, don't step off the stage while you're playing, songs must be 2+ minutes each, play for 55 minutes.... i think that was everything?!?. 437 hours of music and over $90,000 raised for 16 different charities!! An exhausting dream came true for the Epidemic Music Group and so many musicians and volunteers. countless hours spent to ensure everything went smoothly! and smoothly it went. Thanks to the Epedemic Music Group for having me, to Guinness World Record for inspiring such an event and all the musicians who were soooo goooooooodddd!!! asnd the amazing volunteers who manned the house and also ensured there were always 10 or more conscious people viewing the show (which was another rule!!). I got to play for this event twice, March 23 at 11am and April 4 at 7am (the final day)!