Wow! Sometime, I look back at the things I have accomplished and feel proud. I sometimes feel guilty for feeling proud and than i wonder why? why do i feel bad about tthe things i've accomplished? I look back and think to myself "Damn, I've put so much work into this music "career". I so often think of the bad decisions i have made or what i couldn have done differently and i spiral, round and round, till I snap back to reality, what is my life now, and realize, you know what?! I am proud of what i have done. I am proud i took a chance, I am proud i worked hard and i am proud i stayed relatively focused.  It's these smalls steps i've taken that make me feel like i can look back and say " i gave it my best shot". Life isn't perfect, we make mistakes. I really do feel my challenges have given me a rebirth of the heart. The music has helped me find reason for passion. With all the risks I have taken (and hearts I've broken, including my own) I have found life-changing energies in the universe. 

Here is a video, I played with my band, 3 years ago at the Painted Lady in Toronto. I looked back in my archives and found this one, and thought to myself, damn, i am proud of the things I've accomplished: