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Dr. Lullaby Audio Out!

Dr. Lullaby is officially out! Available on all digital platforms! Lyrics:

Dr. Lullaby, sing me a song 

Lull me into my sleep, take me home 

Twinkle Twinkle in my eyes, I long to see you tonight 

In the echoes of my mind, Doctor wont you please prescribe 

 And I will find you in the spaces in between 

Collecting moments we’ll find inside our dreams 

 In the spirit of our ghosts, doctors here to diagnose 

Inside of me, devour me, third degree can you help me 

Doctor lullaby, sing me a song 

Lull me into  my sleep, take me home 

 And I will find you in, the spaces, in between 

Collecting moments we’ll find inside our dreams 

 Been waiting for the answer 

For the answers to my heart 

Been waiting for redemption from the impulse inside of me 

Inside, I’m feeling free like the birds  

The birds fly free 

Dr. Lullaby



New Music Videos coming your way...

As usual, I am always up to something! Editing a few videos the last few months. My lack of focus, on one thing at a time, has me editing 3 at the same time! I have developed some great skills this past year! I am very excited to share some of the outcomes with you all!

For now, you can have a listen to Official Audio for “Lady Queen” by Angele x Myer Clarity



'LOVN' is here!

'LOVN' is here! Thank you for your patients during this countdown! Please enjoy this song! feel free to comment below!


Although I managed to pull a lot of this together project together with my own personal knowledge and resources, this song / imagery definitely could not have gotten where it is without the help of a team. Here are the creds:

  • Written and produced by Angele 
  • Guitar and bass by Tony Medina
  • Keys / synth / beats by Angele 
  • Mixed by Myer Clarity
  • Graphic / art by Brian Ceron
  • Lyrics Video by Angele (my first ever)





Blast It Music video it out now! This video was produced by The audio production was done with Radar Love Productions, Michael Hanson!

Super proud to share this music and video. Super fun and awesome.

The imagery that was created in this video by Paul, of Midtone blew me away. I danced in front of a green screen and had a blast. He captured the song so well with the background images!

Enjoy! Have a great summer everyone!




New Music Video Out Soon

Another Music Video?! Yes!!! Music video for 'Blast It', from Starlite EP, is coming out very soon! I am very excited to share it with everyone.

So much hard work went into the creation if this video. I was lucky to work with Midtone Motion, a super rad video company based out of Toronto. We worked with Green Screen, and Paul put in countless hours of editing super cool imagery in the back.



Earl of Whitchurch Breaks Record for the Longest Concert

The Earl of Witchurch is a quaint pub in Stouffville, Ontario. It set out to break a World record and came out on top winning two! I feel blessed to have been a part of such a cool event! 400+ talented acts took the stage. Following these rules; only 30 seconds between each song, 5 minute change overs between bands, don't step off the stage while you're playing, songs must be 2+ minutes each, play for 55 minutes.... i think that was everything?!?. 437 hours of music and over $90,000 raised for 16 different charities!! An exhausting dream came true for the Epidemic Music Group and so many musicians and volunteers. countless hours spent to ensure everything went smoothly! and smoothly it went. Thanks to the Epedemic Music Group for having me, to Guinness World Record for inspiring such an event and all the musicians who were soooo goooooooodddd!!! asnd the amazing volunteers who manned the house and also ensured there were always 10 or more conscious people viewing the show (which was another rule!!). I got to play for this event twice, March 23 at 11am and April 4 at 7am (the final day)!



Arnold Schwarzenegger Pumps me Up!

Wowza bananza! From the minute I wake to the minute I sleep, its jam packed with activity. The music business is definitely not easy peasy! BUT It's the reason I am in love with it! It challenges and breaks me open, only to bring me back stronger. One person I can say really keeps me going is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is one of my greatest inspirations! He really puts things into perspective! One of my favorite Arnold motivation talks can be found here. I'm not kidding! I have been listening to this particular motivational video for the past 3 years! Arnold Pumps me up!!! hahaha

In honor of Arnold and da PUMP here is a video with me and the band singing a rendition of 'Pump Up the Jam'! This particular cover is a cover of a cover. The Lost Fingers, from Montreal, do this killer cover of Pump Up the Jam by Technotronic. We cover Technotronic and Lost Fingers because they both inspire this one. Check it out!



Dot JP Productions stopped by @thepaddockto last week!

WOW! Look at these pics taken by @dotjpproductions Wat?! what?! Thanks!

Dot JP Productions

I rocked some ang tunes to that Fender and Juno! Thanks to everyone for listening to the original music. So many people came out last Thursday and it was soooooo cooooool!!!!! Props go out to Zack (organic free throw), Drew (rocked the house) and Adam ( Free Prog ) for performing! Definitely hits!

Dot JP Productions

When my voice lets free, that's when i feel most free

Dot JP Productions - let her sing

Michal jumped on stage to take the show to another level. The night ended off with some of the coolest people i know. 

'Bitch Dick' music video released in a private screening just before midnight, February 9, 2017. And went public shortly after...

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think below!


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B*tch D*ck Release Party

Wow! What an amazing night at The Paddock Tavern last night for the reveal of my new music video 'B*tch D*ck'. Super crowd and talented musicians rocked the house! I dug it!! so many cool peeps! I played a few tunes and got a surprise from drummer Michal who came up and played 'Bitch Dick' with me, the last song before the video reveal. Was a Super Highlight of the eve! We played a super cool hip hoppy vibe hit, live for everyone who came out! After we played, Phil Zave Wiseman said a few touching and inspirational words. Wowza, the tears swole. Shortly after, Phil and I stood on stage and revealed the video that consisted of hours and hours and hours of hard work. This video is not just a combo of 2, this took a TEAM! It involved many. The overall lesson I've learned is nothing is accomplished alone! Here are a few pictures taken by Dylan Weller and Ryan Abramowitz. Bitch Dick is officially released and you can view it here!! Thanks for reading and sticking around!

Pictures above by Dylan Weller

Pictures above by Ryan Abramowitz

Left: Philip Zave Wiseman and Moi - Right: Drew Clementino

Bitch Dick is officially released and you can view the video in my previous post (below)!! Thanks for reading and sticking around!

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