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Dr. Lullaby Audio Out!

Dr. Lullaby is officially out! Available on all digital platforms! Lyrics:

Dr. Lullaby, sing me a song 

Lull me into my sleep, take me home 

Twinkle Twinkle in my eyes, I long to see you tonight 

In the echoes of my mind, Doctor wont you please prescribe 

 And I will find you in the spaces in between 

Collecting moments we’ll find inside our dreams 

 In the spirit of our ghosts, doctors here to diagnose 

Inside of me, devour me, third degree can you help me 

Doctor lullaby, sing me a song 

Lull me into  my sleep, take me home 

 And I will find you in, the spaces, in between 

Collecting moments we’ll find inside our dreams 

 Been waiting for the answer 

For the answers to my heart 

Been waiting for redemption from the impulse inside of me 

Inside, I’m feeling free like the birds  

The birds fly free 

Dr. Lullaby



For You - Single Release

'For You' is a haunting and powerful song written by Angele.  This new song from Angele  taps into her folk roots.  Video was directed and filmed by Philip Wiseman. Produced by Calvin Hartwick



Girls on YouTube

'Girls'; is a mix between indietronica, dreampop and pop rap. Tap into transitory nature.   - Listen to GIRLS now! Photo by Rage Willaims. Song produced by Michael Hanson. CD available Early December 2016 available on Rdio, iTunes, Rhapsody, Spotify and dozens of other digital stores worldwid