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Dot JP Productions stopped by @thepaddockto last week!

WOW! Look at these pics taken by @dotjpproductions Wat?! what?! Thanks!

Dot JP Productions

I rocked some ang tunes to that Fender and Juno! Thanks to everyone for listening to the original music. So many people came out last Thursday and it was soooooo cooooool!!!!! Props go out to Zack (organic free throw), Drew (rocked the house) and Adam ( Free Prog ) for performing! Definitely hits!

Dot JP Productions

When my voice lets free, that's when i feel most free

Dot JP Productions - let her sing

Michal jumped on stage to take the show to another level. The night ended off with some of the coolest people i know. 

'Bitch Dick' music video released in a private screening just before midnight, February 9, 2017. And went public shortly after...

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think below!


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B*tch D*ck Release Party

Wow! What an amazing night at The Paddock Tavern last night for the reveal of my new music video 'B*tch D*ck'. Super crowd and talented musicians rocked the house! I dug it!! so many cool peeps! I played a few tunes and got a surprise from drummer Michal who came up and played 'Bitch Dick' with me, the last song before the video reveal. Was a Super Highlight of the eve! We played a super cool hip hoppy vibe hit, live for everyone who came out! After we played, Phil Zave Wiseman said a few touching and inspirational words. Wowza, the tears swole. Shortly after, Phil and I stood on stage and revealed the video that consisted of hours and hours and hours of hard work. This video is not just a combo of 2, this took a TEAM! It involved many. The overall lesson I've learned is nothing is accomplished alone! Here are a few pictures taken by Dylan Weller and Ryan Abramowitz. Bitch Dick is officially released and you can view it here!! Thanks for reading and sticking around!

Pictures above by Dylan Weller

Pictures above by Ryan Abramowitz

Left: Philip Zave Wiseman and Moi - Right: Drew Clementino

Bitch Dick is officially released and you can view the video in my previous post (below)!! Thanks for reading and sticking around!

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